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Maple Membership Plan

Our Maple Membership Plan is available to anyone who does not have third party private dental insurance. Unlike conventional third-party dental insurance plans, which often require a one-year waiting period for major restorative services (fabrication of dentures, bridges, crowns), with our Maple Membership Plan, there is NO WAITING for major work! 

We offer two options, GOLD and PLATINUM. Our Maple Dental Plan provides annual benefits of:


$150 for one year membership

 Includes for one year:

  • 15% off all dental services*


Already Have Dental Insurance?

For those patients who have third party dental insurance we are happy to bill your dental insurance carrier.  Please bring your insurance information to your first dental appointment or contact our office (248-932-8980) with any insurance questions you may have.  We do not participate in any dental insurance networks but do offer our own dental insurance plan for our patients who are not able to take advantage of third party dental insurance.  


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C H O O S E   T H E   M A P L E   M E M B E R S H I P   P L A N    T O D A Y   T H A T   W O R K S   F O R   Y O U


Interested? Need more details?  Call today 248-932-8980 + Printable brochure HERE.

Mary M. Fisher, DDS

 +  Andrea Hislop, DDS


$350/year: New patients |  $325/year: Existing members

 Includes for one year:

  •  Bi-annual Regular Cleanings  [Those patients who require periodontal cleanings can apply the value towards their fee, with an additional 15% off]

  • Annual Oral Examination
  • Annual Periodontal Examination
  • Annual Set of Necessary Radiographs
  • Annual State of the Art Cavity Diagnostic Technology Carivu(R) and Spectra Analysis
  • Annual Oral Cancer Screening
  • PLUS 15% OFF all dental services*

*does not include specialty services